Wednesday, October 04, 2006

After being in contact with the woman I mentioned in my last post for the past several months, I am beginning to have second thoughts about her and her motives. I agreed, at her suggestion that we work together on this “project”. We began to share what each of us had. Her knowledge based on her father’s military career and connection to the camp, and my documents, pictures and film. Maybe I should have known better, but when you find someone who has knowledge of something like this you just get sucked in. I began to grow suspicious of her when she wanted me to send her the originals – so that she could “see them in person”. Something I did not do. She was more than willing to send me personal effects left by her father – which seemed odd to me. There have been several things she has said or told me that don’t add up, and my feeling now is that she is not sincere in her motives, or that she is even who she says she is. I have cut off all communications with her, and I am back on my own. She did have genuine knowledge that I could specifically confirm, but where she got that knowledge keeps me up at night. The worst part is, all the information I’ve gathered from her over the past months is suspect at best, and pure deception at worst.
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