Friday, October 14, 2005

Here are some questions from this week’s e-mail:

Q: Have you ever been to the area where your uncle found the box?
A: This is a timely question. I fly out today (Friday), to attend my cousin's wedding this weekend in upstate NY. I took today off from work and I’m taking an earlier flight, just so I can visit the area. Finding the exact location where my uncle found the box will probably never happen, but I know approximately where it was found. I believe the box was buried outside of the ILP grounds, and therefore, looking in the general area and keeping my eyes open might yield something new. I have been there three times with my metal detector, and will post pictures from all combined visits when I get back.

Q: Do you think the Indian Lake Project was part of MK-ULTRA?
A: The short answer is yes. This question prompted my October 11th post – feel free to read for a longer answer. To find out more, I posted a couple of MKULTRA links on the right. You can also do a Google search on MKULTRA or MK-ULTRA, and you will find several pages of information on this very real piece of American history.

That’s it for now.

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