Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Above is a seemingly random picture that was also included in the box. Shown is a soldier in a wooded area, such as can be found around Indian Lake, NY. I say seemingly random, because it begs the questions – why would the person trying to bury this box include such a picture? Wouldn’t burning these pictures have been smarter than hiding this type of evidence, if the intent was to get rid of it? I believe the answer is that whomever buried the box, either wanted it to be found, or was going to come back for it.
I can’t imagine random photos were permitted on an installation such as Indian Lake. Therefore, the person that buried the box probably took this picture and most of the others. This person must have been someone with proper clearance, and seeing him with a camera was not given a second thought. I believe it was probably he who took not only the exterior and interior shots of the base, but also took the shots of the military personnel posing proudly with the children. I believe in shooting the things he shot, he was documenting the people of interest at the ILP. Perhaps at first he was fully compliant with the goings on, but I believe at some point he changed his mind, and began collecting evidence. The shot above is a quickly snapped shot. The subject is not centered or even ready for the shot. This was probably done towards the end of the ILP. I don’t think he shot the small pictures of "Roger", "Sam" and "Sally", these are on a thicker stock and seem to be a more like a Polaroid type of process. A few posts back I showed a picture of a civilian, and a military person with his face purposely obscured, in between them a child could be seen in the shadows. The more I look at that photo, the more I believe that that is probably the man who buried the box.
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