Thursday, October 06, 2005

Here are a couple of great questions from my e-mail that I wanted to share.

Q: What do you think the nature of this base was?
A: It was a military installation which conducted experiments in both mind control, and to a lesser extent ESP using children. Although I have some evidence from the box that they used adults at first, children replaced them when it was realized that a child's mind is much easier to condition.

Q: Where did all the kids come from?
A: I can tell you what I know. At least 2 orphanages in up state NY authorized "adoptions" for persons with a military background (or who where currently in the military) almost exclusively during the years of 1952-1955. I also think it is possible for children who went missing during those years from the surrounding areas to be part of the I.L.P.'s numbers.

Q: You say your uncle died. Do you think he died because of he found the box, and the military had him "taken care of"?
A: No. He died from lung cancer, after a short period of remission.

Thank you for all you comments/questions – keep them coming.

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