Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Since my last post a lot of things have happened to me which make me believe that posting anymore items from the box would not be in my best interest. I have had numerous phone calls, only to hear silence on the other end (as many as 20 times a day). My house was broken into and "searched", but nothing was taken. The box, and it's contents, had been securely hidden outside of my home. I did this shortly after the phone calls began. It is obvious to me that I hit a nerve when I mentioned the documents I have, and that I was considering perhaps posting them at some point. I am no longer going to post anything. I am done. I hope anyone who stumbles onto this site will read it from the beginning, and continue to stay interested in this story. For those of you who have followed this blog I am sorry, but my family and their peace of mind come first. As disturbing as these photos and documents are, the last few days for me, and my family, have been even more so, which is why I am saying goodbye.
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