Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This quick trip to NY for a my cousins wedding, turned up my most incredible discovery yet. Besides the metal box my uncle originally found, these concrete structures are the “jackpot” when it comes to evidence that indeed something man made did exist in the woods near Indian Lake NY.
When my uncle gave me the box in 2002, he also gave me a hand drawn map of the approximate area where the box was discovered. I’ve been to that area three times. On the second visit, I found a 1947 nickel with my White’s DFX metal detector. This is still a very important clue, however, it could have be lost by someone without any connection to the Indian Lake Project. On the other hand, these structures in the middle of nowhere show deliberate activity. These structures are about 3-4 stories tall, they have no top, no sides and form a square. They are very deep in the woods with nothing leading to, or away from them. This area also seems to be a little less wooded, as if cleared at one point, but now overgrown.
I never really understood my uncle when he said that he wished he had never found the box. How could he not embrace his discovery? However, finding those structures while alone in the woods was erie. I began to feel I was not alone out there, it was a very odd feeling. Everything became very real to me, the box, the children and the isolation. My walk out of the woods was a little faster than my walk in, and I now realize what my uncle meant. Finding something like this is proof to oneself that things are not ever as they seem. That your happy little life is something rare, and that lies and deceit are common. Your innocence is over, and you have discovered a hidden truth. I now know how my uncle felt, because it became just that much more real for me.
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