Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One of the question that I keep getting via e-mail is, ‘When will you scan and share the documents you have?’ Rather than responding to each of you individually, I will answer that question here.
I have yet to really talk about the documents, so let me do that first. I have four documents – one of which is hand written. They are all in bad shape, but legible. The hand written document being the worst.
The hand written letter is about the camp, and looks as if it torn from a private notebook. My thought is that it probably belonged to the person who buried the metal box.
One document is a camp personnel log. It has several names and dates on it. It looks like a compilation of camp activity during the years 1952-1955 focusing on the comings and goings of various personnel, and official guests.
The third document is the adoption record of a little boy. Maybe of “Roger” – the little boy who had the most photographs in the box.
The final document is a brief medical report for one of the camps residents, again maybe “Roger”.
At this point I do not want to post these document for a couple of reasons.
First reason being – I don’t believe that posting them would be in my best interest.
Second reason being – I can not yet confirm any of the information contained in those document.
I have been asked ‘Why not black out the names and show the documents?’ My response to that question is why, what does that show – other than a document with the important information hidden?
Posting those documents in full is a step I am not ready to take, at least not yet. My current focus is not on the documents, but rather exploring the area near where my uncle first found the box. I want to do this before the day comes when everything has been “cleaned-up” by the military/government, and suddenly “Keep Out” signs are posted everywhere.
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