Thursday, June 28, 2007

In February, shortly after America’s Research Gate contacted me, I began to notice a large unmarked white van following me or showing up everywhere I went. This continued through March, until I was able to snap this photo of the van on my camera phone. Once they became aware that I knew I was being followed, it all stopped – that is until recently. As I said sometimes this van would just show up, they seemed to know when and where I was going to be. Which leads to my reason for not going into the woods anymore. On the way to explore the ILP further, I noticed two hunters with shot guns heading into the woods (it is NOT hunting season), and the unmistakable white van hidden behind trees and bushes well off the road. Needless to say I sped past at about 100MPH. I am posting this now because I feel that perhaps the more I speak out, and the more people who know about me and the Indian Lake Project – the safer I'll be.

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