Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A man e-mailed me today asking if there is any connection between the Indian Lake Project and the remote viewing projects initiated by the CIA. Although it is my understanding that CIA involvement in remote viewing began in the early seventies, (20 years after the documented events at Indian Lake) – I quickly did a little research. The only thing I found was that a project name associated briefly with those remote viewing studies had similar initials to the Indian Lake Project (ILP) – the INSCOM CENTER LANE PROJECT (ICLP).
Although this is a fascinating subject in it’s own right, I did not spend too much time looking into this further because I don’t believe they are connected. However, it does show the depths to which the US government will go to find and gain a perceived advantage.

On a side note:
Initially I thought the Indian Lake Project base was tied in part to ESP, but I have since ruled that out.

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