Friday, February 02, 2007

My recent posts of the underground complex sparked many emails. Here are a couple of the questions I received:

Q: How did you find the entrance, and how did you get inside?

A: I use my metal detector to search the area, and have for quite some time. About fifty yards from where I found the storage shed I found the entrance. It was only slightly covered with dirt and leaves. It was locked with a pad lock, which had the initials USMC (United States Marine Corp.). It took a little while to pick the lock, but once I did the hatch opened right up.

Q: Did you find any thing while exploring the different rooms?

A: No. All the rooms are empty, with the exception of the “generator” room, which was full of electrical equipment. At least that’s what I think it is.

Q: You said that this entrance was a backdoor, but you didn’t find any other doors. If there are no other doors how can this be a backdoor?
A: In addition to the “backdoor”, I found what I believe was the main entrance from within the underground complex, and that door won’t open. I have not found it above ground yet so that I can try to open it – assuming it was locked the same way as the “backdoor”.

Thanks for all of your emails.
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